Akiyo is the main protagonist of Akiyo. He is a hybrid Kridlo Lidi with Demon blood because of spiritual conflicts with the pieces of Damon's soul that merged with him as consequence of the interruption of Damon's attempt of possession over him.


As a Kridlo Lidi Hybrid

Akiyo has silvery-white, shaggy hair, pale skin and light blue eyes. His main outfit consists of a black jacket, a grey and maroon striped shirt, dark pants, and black boots. His ears are pierced 6 times. He has black wings instead of the usual white wings Kridlo Lidi have. When he turns into his demon form, his eyes turn maroon. In this form he also grows horns, facial marks and his ears become pointy shaped, similar to an elves'. Akiyo has a symbol on his left wrist. This mark sometimes itches and even hurts, though the reasons of this are unknown to him.

As a Human

Hideki (Akiyo as a human) had black hair in a similar style to his Kridlo Lidi self. He had olive skin and rich brown eyes, and he had the same piercings as a human. He typically wore very plain clothing, just tee shirts with a sweater or a flannel.


Akiyo wishes to be social, but due to being an outcast, his social behavior is severely affected and ,as consequence, he developed some social anxiety.

He is very determined and curious, always looking to find out more information about his past; the only piece of his past life he remembers is the face of a human girl named Angel, and a few of his emotions surrounding her. He is also determined to learn to control his demon side, and hoping to break his curse. He is kind, but not very trusting.


In his human life, he was a 20 year old boy named Hideki Kawakami. Him and his mother, Kaori, lived in a small town in Canada, where he worked as a stocker in a convenience store and she was a novelist and a chef at a local restaurant.

As a kid, Hideki wasn't very good at making friends due to a panic disorder he developed young, genetically from Kaori. His father, Ikuo, had an affair with another woman, which Kaori knew about but was terrified to approach him with, so she slept on the couch most nights so he wouldn't hear her crying; but, 6 year old Hideki always heard it, and sometimes slept in the living room with his mommy. After he asked his father why his mommy was always crying, he confronted Kaori about it, and she couldn't bring herself to say. Hideki watched hidden behind the hallway wall as he ridiculed her and blamed her for him not being satisfied with her lack of desire for physical relations, and he grabbed his things and left, taking most of the money they had. Hideki and Kaori never saw him again, and for years they struggled to afford food and necessities due to the blow to their finances.

Hideki grew into a quiet teen who preferred to keep to himself, since most people in his school thought he was a freak due to him not having friends, and because everyone in his small town knew about his family situation. He stopped trying in school, and while he didn't get into or cause any trouble to anyone, bullies still sought him out. There were girls in his school who found him very attractive, but because they saw him as strange, they wanted nothing to do with him. He spent most of his time drawing and painting.

When he was 15, he made his first true friend, Angel River, a 13 year old girl who lived a few blocks away from him. She saw him crouched behind a building in a nearby park, drawing, and she was amazed by his art. She loved art too and she wanted to show him her art as well. He felt happy, she had a sweet excitement for his works. They shared art, and eventually would hang out together most days after school and on weekends.

They became very close, and were almost inseparable. Angel didn't really fit in at their school either, while she was kind and pretty and was very social, most people at the school saw her as strange because she didn't try to fit in. They would hang out every opportunity they could, and while Hideki didn't really get so close to anyone else, he would talk to the people who talked with Angel, and sometimes hang out with them and her. At home, they weren't as financially sound as they wished, but him and Kaori managed to get to a more stable position.

At age 20, Hideki realized he loved Angel. Some people who he went to school with continued to harass him after school ended, and when Angel went to meet him downtown she saw a strange man beating him up and yelling in some strange dialect. Hideki was extremely injured and bleeding from all over his body and looked like he was going to pass out. Before he could assault him once more she jumped onto the strangers back and wrapped her arm around his neck tightly and started trying to choke him out until he threw her off. He looked down at her with a shocked and furious look and was about to attack her until another stranger quickly jumped on him and yelled at Angel and Hideki to run away. So, Angel grabbed his hand and they ran as that stranger held down the attacker. They ran and ran, and ran off into the nearby woods until they were out of sight. Angel used the jacket she was wearing and tore it into pieces to use as bandages, and that second he looked up at her, and although she was panicked and terrified, he was in shock by her beauty and the fatal situation she put herself into harms way to save him from. Terrified for Angel and his safety, he suddenly became paranoid of harm coming to her.

He was too nervous to tell her, and felt like she was too good for him, so he had no plans to admit his feelings towards her. They remained close though, and each moment he felt his feelings growing stronger. Then one day, he had this strange dream, and when he awoke from it, he felt especially sick and paranoid now, like Angel was in trouble. He immediately called Angel, asking if she could over and be with him. They tried watching a movie together, when he suddenly felt strange chills and he was almost certain they were being watched, despite the curtains being closed to the windows in his living room. He told her he was going to go get something to drink and to wait there, and once he left the room he slowly creeped down the halls and into rooms, checking to make sure no one was inside his house; there shouldn't be anyone, his mother was away visiting her parents. His gut feeling got stronger, and he was about to open the door to his basement when suddenly lost control of his body. He was petrified and trying his hardest to scream out to Angel but he had no control. His body started searching through the house, in drawers and dressers, until it found a serrated knife in the sink. The demon possessing him picked it up through him, and started walking towards the living room. Hideki could feel what the demon was feeling, he knew the demon wanted to kill her and he



Their relationship is unknown, as her face is the only piece of his human life he remembers.


Damon is a tyrant demon, and a dangerous threat to the people of Reka and humankind because of his plans to spread death, targeting humans. When Akiyo broke his possession, he temporarily weakened Damon splitting his soul within his, possibly Akiyo's worst enemy.

Kridlo Lidi/Rekans:

Most of the people of Reka treat him as a weird, cursed freak and a threat, discriminating him and even attacking him, making his relationship with them largely nonexistent.

The Oracle:

A key actor among the Kridlo Lidi, she's capable and willing to bring some help to Akiyo by helping him to discover the mysteries behind his existence in Reka.


Self-taught swordsmanship:

In his loneliness, as consequence of isolation, Akiyo finds a Katana which he needs to use repeatedly because of his rejection over the use of essence, learning and improving with it as he uses it more. This Katana has an Astral Cross, a symbol that resembles the scar on his left wrist.

Essence control:

As a Kridlo Lidi, Akiyo can use essence, the default, multi-purpose energy used by Rekans for self-defense, healing, and weapon crafting. He rejects the excessive use of essence because it seems to provoke his demon form to appear.

Demon Form:

Akiyo can turn into his Demon form through excessive use of essence and other reasons that are unknown. His physical appearance changes drastically, and he gains physical strength, as well as more powerful essence based skills. He also gains skills that originally belong to demons, such as hexes, curses and more.


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