Akiyo is the protagonist of Skyrealm.


Akiyo has silvery white shaggy hair, pale skin and light blue eyes. His main outfit consists of a black jacket, a grey and maroon striped shirt, dark pants, and black boots. His ears are pierced 6 times. He has black wings instead of the usual white wings Kridlo Lidi have. His eyes turn maroon when he is in demon form, and he grows horns and facial marks. His ears are more shaped like elf ears when in demon form.


He wishes to be social but due to being an outcast his social skills aren't his strongest point and he has some social anxiety. He is very determined and curious, always looking to find out more information about his past and trying to control his demon side, hoping to break his curse. He is kind, but not very trusting.


The only piece of his past life is a face, the face of the human girl Angel and a few of his emotions surrounding her face. He is determined to learn more about her relevance in his past.

Akiyo Talksprite

Akiyo's talksprite


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